Dear Crime Watch Homeowner: Screw you and your profiling ass! I had every right to be parked on the street near your house. I was just waiting for my boyfriend, who was down the block checking in on an elderly shut-in. But NO! You and your wife had to come out with your flashlight, stand behind your security fence, and give me the hairy eyeball! You say that you're tired of drug dealing in your neighborhood? Well, I'm just as tired of nosy, uptight freaks like you! You can take my license plate number and shove it! This may come as a shock, but there is a whole rainbow of legal human activity that goes on in the world. Not all strangers are bad guys. Can your paranoid, intolerant mind even conceive of that? I suggest you unplug from the evening news and find a new hobby. Something other than watching your camera monitor and peeping through your curtains.—Anonymous