I, Anonymous Nov 6, 2008 at 4:00 am

I Spy


That was the best thing sent in? Why not park in front of the house you're visiting you r-tard? Problem solved.
Why even ask questions like that? I mean, there are so many reasonable answers that would make you look like an idiot. "We didn't park in front of the house we were visiting because. . . there was no space there, there were parking restrictions, it was more convenient to park where we were, there was a big deep puddle up the street that we didn't want to wade through, we were avoiding the pothole that f*ed up the car last time, we wanted to park under a street light" and on and on.

Problem solved? yeah right. Avoiding suspicious, judgemental and intolerant paranoids doesn't solve any problems. Just like you--you're still a conclusion-jumping simpleton whether or not this person posted their rant. I can close my eyes and not read it, but that doesn't make the situation any better. You're still out there not seeing the bigger picture.
Streetside parking doesn't belong to the house adjacent to the parking space - it's 1st come/1st serve. Anyone who tries to enforce a claim that this is "my" spot is a selfish, antisocial & uninformed douche.
It seems to me that just saying "My boyfriend is checking on elderly shut in" probably would have solved the issue and saved you undue stress. Also will save you tons of money on Pepcid in the future.....this really shouldn't be the biggie you made it into.
Thanks for the hook up, I liked the white widdow but the shipwreck was the bomb! I mean Wow! Why would I want to leave the house, it's awesome in here! - yours truly, Elderly Shut In.

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