Dear fellow vegans: Get a clue, assholes. I've been vegan for eight years, snacking on salads and french fries when out with friends. Sometimes I'll get a glorified potato dish or fake meat somewhere. Finally, the best damn vegan spot opens up—Nutshell—and what does the vegan community do? Railroad it out of business. And why did vegans reject an innovative, superb menu? Because the owners also happened to own a restaurant that served foie gras. Really? That's the reason? What a stupid fucking battle to pick. Can we stop playing this my-vegan-cock-is-bigger game and try to enjoy life a bit? Any company worth a damn has their pen dipped in many inks, and caters to more than one clientele. To each their own. A good restaurant FINALLY opens and instead of embracing culinary artistry you reject it on petty grounds. If you don't like foie gras then DON'T EAT IT. It's none of your business what the hell other people like. It's called choice. And you assholes chose to boycott the best damn vegan restaurant in town—so now I have no choices for an upscale vegan dining experience. But I can choose to tell you how I feel: FUCK YOU, VEGAN NAZIS!—Anonymous