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Nazis in a Nutshell


I love bacon.
Thank you. Vegan food doesn't have to taste like dirt, rocks and sticks. But i guess the torture loving, cigarette smoking vegan elite didn't want people to know that vegan food can also taste good. I left Portland eight months ago and I'm sad to hear Nutshell is gone. Fuckers, go home and eat some dry lentils and tempeh and leave the good food alone.
I personally don't see what the big deal is about Nutshell being gone. You can't toss a vegan scone in Portland without hitting a restaurant that has good veggie/vegan fare. I think the owners being flaming money-grubbing hypocrites is a perfectly valid reason for boycotting Nutshell. Adios, to you, Nutshell, don't let the foie gras hit you on the ass on the way out.
I agree completely. I'm a lifelong vegetarian, but the piety of vegans (most of whom can't sustain even a vegetarian lifestyle for more than a few years) is very frustrating. Get off your high horse, stop being so self-important, and let other people make their own choices about what other foods they eat or serve. Some people are just vegan because ascetism makes such a nice and classic soap box.

Also, why do most of these contain creepy lines about intercrural girth?
The big deal about Nutshell being gone is that it was fine cuisine, unlike every other vegan place around. Papa G's and Paradox are okay chow, but they are not exactly high end if you know what I'm saying. "Good veggie/vegan fare" is not the same as artfully prepared gourmet cuisine prepared by an expert chef.

I wasn't aware the elite fixie-riding aesthetically challenged ubervegans were partially behind the demise of Nutshell, but I'm not surprised. Way to go. Now those of us who don't like to eat macaroni caked with nutritional yeast in an ugly hole in the wall have one fewer choice.
One less vegan restaurant is one more potential barbeque joint. I call that a win for those of us with taste.
WTF, people are still vegans?!
Wait, you mean you are pissed off because some people chose not to go to the restaurant you like based, you believe, on a principle they believe to be more important than gastronomical pleasure? I love meat, and don't really care how the animal is killed, but people are, fortunately, still free to choose what place to frequent. If you don't like the fact that this place failed, maybe you failed to spend enough of your money there.

Grow up. Maybe go hunting to get some of the stress out.
I'm totally with you, Demondog. And I still don't see the problem with people (vegan or otherwise) operating under free will.
I say good riddance. Classic example of the douche-baggery found oh so often in the 'my life style choice is better than your lifestyle choice' crowd. I love that these idiots drove away an eatery catering to such a small snobbish clientele. Maybe it will open again as a place 98 percent of the populace can go to eat. If there is any justice in this mad world, a ribs joint. Suck it vegan hipster posers. Suck it long and suck it hard!
It's possible for someone to disagree with you without being an asshole. I'm a vegan, and I was disappointed to learn that Nutshell's owners owned another restaurant that served foie gras. After that, I didn't feel comfortable eating there anymore, but I didn't discourage anyone else from doing so. I believe in personal choice. If you felt okay about eating at Nutshell after finding out about the foie gras, that's fine. I didn't feel okay about it. That's fine too, right?
By the way, your flippant use of "Nazis" is totally offensive, but I respect your right to be offensive.
i dont care why someone is vegan; soapbox or none
you made the choice to be vegan / veggie...build a bridge a get over it
I was sad when Nutshell closed too. I have a friend who is also a veganazi. I think she secretly likes the title.

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