I, Anonymous Jun 25, 2009 at 4:00 am

Passive Driving


You've never heard of Nancy Reagan, you stupid fuck? JUST SAY NO...
Man, do I understand this. When I had a car, every bicyclist I knew asked me for rides (while still maintaining that irritating, mounted-on-high-horse piety). Never offered gas money and usually acted like they were doing ME a favor.
I know both types of carless folks- urban hitchhikers and real bikers. The former drive me nuts.
They just say they choose to be "car-free" so they aren't embarrassed to say they either

a) can't afford a car and it's upkeep


b) Can't afford to fix their car.

I am honest about my predicament...I just don't have a car but i sure do want one:)
Ha Ha! So true, those dorks. I think it's funny how the hipper than thou set emulates the same kind of exclusive behavior as those they rebel against ie. religion, the rich. Same shithead, different day!

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