The elderly bum was sweating and mumbling, obviously plagued with mental illness. He asked the two of you for change, to which you pricks responded, "Sure, if you get down and do pushups." While he's doing pushups, you're laughing in your Ed Hardy T-shirts and designer jeans. After one of you tosses him a dollar, you douchebags gloat as he walks away with his head hung low. Well, you fuckhead taints, I've placed a gypsy curse on you. Your ugliness will begin to seep out, starting with your penises. You'll contract an untreatable STD. The cottage cheese that oozes out of your dicks will be incredibly painful and no one will want anything to do with your chunky sperm and leaky anuses. This will leave you with no love in your life. When you crawl into a dark corner to die alone, no one will remember you. After your slow, painful deaths, you'll be sent to a place where you lose all hope and joy. But I guess you're already used to that, huh? Because what I witnessed was soulless and evil. Nothing I could have said or done would have changed you pieces of garbage, so I've been forced to lay this curse on you. You'll rot in your own shit.