I, Anonymous Jan 7, 2010 at 4:00 am

The Last Bash


Passive agressive. Should have said something at the time. Obviously you're in the right, but that's awfully big talk for someone who "froze up" in real life.
Reymont: no, just no.

I love you, anonymous. Love. You. <3
Well you may be straight or whatever, but on with yer life. Sounds like you have teh ghey though. Nice rant though...insecure and sensitive much? Sounds like you are trying to convince us of you sexuality....aside from intolerant jerks no one cares. Whatever you are reymont is right- you are a passive agressive wanker
Well to each their own. Sensitive and insecure much? The guy assault you? He made some insulting remarks.....change yer tampon and move on with your life. So he is an intolerant ass.....are you happy with yourself?...who cares what he thinks? Then you fantasize about violence when none was done to you...disturbing at best. Whatever , reymont is right- you are a passive agressive wanker
Reymont hits the nail on the head. If you don't have the sack to buck up and stand up for yourself any time some backwards-thinking shitneck fucks with you, you can expect to keep getting fucked with. And, frankly, if you're so much of a pussy that you can't defend yourself and your right to do whatever you want with your genitals, you DESERVE to get fucked with.
Sounds like the kind of guy that thinks anyone that looks a little "weird" or "different" is a fag. Don't take it personal or think that being gay is anything out of the ordinary or special nowadays.
typical portlander. knows all of their rights but afraid to stand up for them. no wonder the republicans are winning.
Don't tase me bro!!!
Are you kidding me, Angry pandas? Have any of you ever been verbally accosted like that before? Have any of you been FUCKING gay bashed before? It's shocking, it's sad, and when it was right as the homophobic bitch got off the max someone in shock wouldn't have time to process that let alone say anything back. Not to mention the fact that this is PDX, we're supposed to be progressive and kinder than the average metropolitan... then I see douche bag responses (unintelligent, incoherent responses at that...Showpooper) like these and I'm shocked and upset. Move. Insensitive closed minded assholes aren't welcome in our city. WE don't fucking like YOUR kind.
There is a young man who lives in my neighborhood who I have seen while walking around with my boyfriend. After the first few encounters we realized that he very obviously has Tourettes syndrome (or something similar), and when he see's us he yells for us to "go fucking die you lousy faggots." While putting up with this behavior is hard and seemingly intolerant of your attacker, you make it sound like she was either on something or mentally unstable, which makes me think, why didn't you just get up and walk away?
How do you know he was talking to/about you and not to the voices inside his head?
Next time just give your boyfriend- or nearest male friend- a big ol' tongue kiss in front of them. Hawtness.
@ ZeRedHead - that's awfully intolerant of you.
No one deserves to get fucked with, regardless of being passive aggressive or not. You, both are idiots who make up a large part of what is wrong with this world. I would be inclined to believe, Showstopper, that you are perhaps all the things you accuse others of.....
It is so much better to not confront, (which is just going to flare tempers, cause an issue and even lead to violence) and walk away. This, if you ask me, is the best way to vent.

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