You have maybe noticed me in your neighborhood grocery chain on your neighborhood main drag. You're not all bad. In fact, there are a lot of decent people among you. But not all of you—not by a long shot. I've seen you stick up your noses when I smile and say, "Hello." Don't think I didn't notice your subtle remarks. It's just my job. I put up with it all because it gives me hours and health benefits. If you weren't so fucking apathetic about everything in life, maybe you'd do the same. So stop treating me like I'm "the man." Trust me, I've probably seen more places and met more people through my blood, sweat, tears, and crappy minimum wage jobs than you ever will with your parents' trust fund. And, though your fashionable clothes may say otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'm more keen on music, art, and culture than you. So please, next time you're making your beer run, smile the fuck back. It will make both of our lives easier.—Anonymous