Pet rent?? Why does an animal need to pay its own rent? I'm tired of looking for a place to live and finding out that not only do you want $400-plus in non-refundable deposits for my animals (EACH), but now you want to charge monthly rent for them too? It's not like my dog or cat has a job. Do you want Fido to mow your lawn for a little extra cash? Maybe Fluffy should become a whore and start charging the neighbor's male cat for a midnight romp. Who started this shit anyway? Is it just so you can advertise your overpriced apartment at a cheaper rate and claim that it's "pet friendly"? And what's with the 15-pound weight limit? Do you really think a Chihuahua is going to deter a robber? I've lived in the Southeast for 10 years and the only time I haven't been robbed is when I've had a 60-pound dog. Seriously!! My dog protects your property from thieves. My cat protects your property from rodents. You should be paying me to keep them there. For all the assholes that want to charge for pet deposits AND pet rent, GO TO HELL!!!—Anonymous