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To Have and to Hold


The whole concept of the "Western" marriage is a failed scam anyways. Anyone who willingly engages in this near-bankrupting & self-inflicted torture out of sake of "tradition" deserves to be miserable.
Amen to that Anon. A nice bottle of wine or a gift certificate should suffice for a couple who are established and have plenty of money. Also I see the point of gift registries as nobody likes to get two of something, etc. but I can't stand them. It really takes the fun and surprise out of giving/getting gifts, and it seems the gift receiver always picks the most expensive items for their registry when there are less expensive alternatives that would work just as well.
Make a donation to a charity in their name. Maybe to The Human Fund?
I agree very strongly. The commodification of modern western marriage just serves to make it seem even grosser than it already is. And I say that as a married person. But at my wedding we just asked people to donate to various organizations working to get gay marriage passed. I already have a fucking blender and i don't need any more towels. It felt good to give a big check to orgs working on marriage equality, and then to just receive a few very random, home-made, or purely sentimental gifts for ourselves. A baby shower I can understand, because you've never had a baby before and you need a bunch of crap to make it easier. But jesus, we've been living with our girlfriends for ten years before getting married--we've already "set up house." It's just tacky. I also totally hate the impersonal demand of the wedding registry. Also I hate how everyone apparently registers at shit like Target and Pottery Barn. Seriously? Not even a local company or something? Like I'm really gonna buy you some stupid salad bowl at Target and have it shipped to your house. DREAM ON, FRIENDS OF MINE
If you don't like it then just don't go. Quit being such a whiny little bitch.
I was in my early 20's and I really needed that stuff when I got married. But we registered at Target and Macys, trying to get the best bang for the buck. I was not the person who filled up my college house with furniture. But I totally agree with Anon.
Going to have to go with Leslie on this one. Just remember the poor Krakatoans east of Java when you donate.
i dont think youre being a whiny bitch..that was the first i anonymous ive read in a long time that i thought was valid.
i was thinking about getting married so someone would buy me a vitamix
i love jeslie and jams
I so agree with this and donating to a charity is the only way to go. People are so stupid and selfish when it comes to this tradition. There are 1800 services set up to rsvp that tell people to not bring children and other mindless directives that the bride and groom don't want to come out and say. Also, childrens first birthdays have become obsene. We were asking for donations to a local shelter in our kids names over ten years ago in lieu of gifts. A first birthday should be a celebration not some parent opening a bunch of plastic junk for a one year old who couldn't care less!
Me, I'm zero and eleven where buying wedding gifts is concerned. When I accidentally let the 1 year statute of wedding gift limitations (that exists right?) elapse after the first wedding I ever attended, I figured, "If my own sister isn't getting a wedding gift, neither are you, co-worker!"
Wedding gift giving has good intentions, but has been wrapped up with all the other horrible American wedding atrocities.

Having close family and friends gather to help celebrate love is wonderful

Assuming that everything is 'about you' on your 'special day' is egocentric and gross

Sure, get married - sure, have a wedding ceremony and invite your loved ones. But for fuck sake, don't behave like a g'damned celebrity. Celebrate not only the love for your chosen life partner, but celebrate love in general

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