To the bitchy blonde teenage girl on 4th and Morrison: You ignorant, racist snot. An African American man approached you (among a group of other people) at a bus stop to ask for a light. You started yelling at him for interrupting what was obviously an insipid phone conversation, and made an ass out of yourself having a fit at him while he walked away wondering what the hell was wrong with you. You exclaimed at the rest of us, looking for pity, “I don’t wanna be racist, but I’m gonna be! He was just after me for sex because I’m a pretty white girl with an ass,” and “I know what he’s really after… and he can go get that on 82nd.” I hate to be the one to tell you, but you’re not pretty, you don’t “have an ass,” and he wasn’t interested. But so what if he was? After he left, you let a fat, dumpy, old white man hit on you, while you talked about how interesting you are and showed him the scars from where you used to cut yourself. I wish you’d done a better job so I wouldn’t have to listen to you. —Anonymous