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Teen Challenge


whatever the words you say after "I don't want to be racist, but ...." will always make you sound crazy.
Oh boy: the responses here are going to get interesting. The subject of this one could be so many different women in Portland.

Kudos too for the "while you talked about how interesting you are." I swear I know exactly who this is, but actually it's probably not her. Just someone else among the many, many people like her that I have met.
It's tough to get too angry at teenagers for being dumb. Because teenagers are dumb. It's not even their own fault.

Wait, when did I turn into an old fogey?
I wish my lawn was emo then it would cut itself. *rimshot!*
Dude, get your own lighter.
"I don't wanna be racist, but i'm gonna be! He (totally non-imposing Black guy) was just after me for sex b/c I'm a pretty white girl with an ass."

Is this a direct quote from this woman, seriously? No, i mean SERIOUSLY. B/c i'm a Black guy & i'm just dying to know what the White people are saying [about us] when WE're not around. Did she drop an n-bomb or afew as well, i wonder...

And let's just say for the [sake of argument] that this guy actually were hitting on her... so goddamn what? Isn't one of the major complaints women in this town have about men is that "We're too wussy to ask a woman out?" "We need to give up the insecure nice guy crap." We need to be more ASSERTIVE?" Or does that apply only to mal-nourished White dudes with skinny jeans & messy hair? Apparently, a fat dumpy old White dude got more conversation out of this bitch than the Black guy who was just asking for a light & nothing more. So like, is THAT what it comes down to? Is it REALLY about RACE????? I don't smoke, so should i tell all the White people who hit ME up for a light to go fuck off? Tell the truth. (pssst)You can still remain anonymous...
Sometimes I lose my lighter, or leave it at home, is it really so hard to show some kindness?
Hey DamosA, I'm white and when I first moved here I never saw so many white people in one place. You know what white people say about black people when their not around? Not much. The topic really doesn't come up much.

I remember a woman who stole a parking space that I was waiting to clear. Rather than get upset, I drove a little further and found another. As I walked pass the woman who had taken 'my' parking space, still getting out of her car, she said, "Now call me a N -(word)." Actually the word that had crossed my mind was "fat-assed bitch".

I think the word that Portlanders associate with black men is "scarey". Stop shooting at each other and that word could change. I'd like to think about Nubian princes once in awhile.
"I think the word that Portlanders associate with black men is "scarey". Stop shooting at each other and that word could change."

Tell you what - you tell YOUR people to stop doing meth & going on RANDOM SHOOTING SPREES, & i'll talk to MY peoples & see about getting them to NOT be soo scary. Deal, brother?
@DamosA: Could you just talk to your people about not taking all the white wimmin? That's what makes you scary.
I've tried talking to them but they won't listen. They're too tweaked to listen and too busy shooting up the town to make an effort. Have your peeps call my peeps, maybe they can work something out.
Teenagers are stupid.
How dare you call me a fat, dumpy, old white man. I know where you get off the 15 Belmont bus.

Dear emos if you cut the long way instead of the wide way you will succeed.
That's right. Remember when you're cutting, kids, it's 'down the street' not 'across the road'!
"That's right. Remember when you're cutting, kids, it's 'down the street' not 'across the road'!"

Yeah yeah, who hadn't heard that one like, ten years ago?

Besides, if you're cutting to kill yourself, you should always combine that with pills. But if you're cutting just to be fashionable, then horizontal lines are definately more attractive.
What they say about you damosa is, "Wow, he must have been raised by a white family."
Physical violence is never a good thing. But cmon, there should be a sneaky little troll running around who's sole purpose is to run up and punch stupid people in the throat when they actually make an attempt to proclaim themselves to everyone else. Darwin, we have another one....can we take care of this trash please?
get your own lighter. she may have been a loser, but you interrupted someone on the phone because you didn't have a buck for a light? admit it pal....you're no prize yourself.
Hahaha dumb biotch you got told

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