I, Anonymous Apr 7, 2011 at 4:00 am

Cheer Up


timbr r-me is srs biznis. #firstworldproblems
IAnon is clearly a passive aggressive coward.. If the bitch punches you, punch the crazy twat back, OR have her arrested for assault! Don't clam up like a little bitch then run home and hide behind your computer! Smh.... What a loser... This IAnon is fucking LAME!
YSA is not only outdated, it's stupid. You probably deserved it.
there is a british capo? if you did YSA it's your own damn fault for being a fucktard. if you dont want to chant and pogo then you should not be in the north end
God, I can't tell you how many times I hoped and prayed that retarded mob bullshit like this would be something that would catch on in this town. Good job!
Let me guess. You were chanting "You suck, asshole" after goal kicks. I'm sorry I wasn't near you to tell you how stupid that chant, which the TA stamped out years ago, is... and without a British accent.
Anon sounds like a renegade cascadian or a fucking cunt. You suck Asshole!
It this I, Anon has a slow comment thread, can we just assume that soccer is boring and stop talking about it? Please?
Also, +5 hypocrite points for bitching about the Brit while using the word 'twat' in the same sentence.

And, yes, we are interested in singing and pogo-ing for the entire match, in support of our team. The lamest of all lame obscenity-for-the-sake-of-obscenity chants has no place in the North End.

The above will sound fantastical to those who only know the TA through reading attention-whore Oregonian sports columnist drivel but I encourage you to actually experience the atmosphere, and the content, for yourself.
El Duce has that soccer-hater-itus that's been going around. You can recognize it by the commenting about things they claim they have no interest in. See: every O-Live article about the Timbers.

Thanks for adding to the page-hits and comment count. You are a vital part of the Timbers success.
oh, and soccer is gay.
^ That's how it's done, people.
Dear anonymous, I'd invite you to take your chant elsewhere in the stadium and see how far you get.

Having been a TA noob over the past year, I can tell you that the capos are some of the most patient people around. If you got an ear full from one of them you probably had it coming.
I thought our resident shrieking British twat took his talents to New Orleans.
All sports fans are retarded, end of arguement.
^ That is also acceptable.
Soccer only offends me because you sheep didn't even insist that Merritt spit on it before he fucked you in it. The chants are dumb because the fans are dumb. Now pull that trigger, fuckstick.
I don't hate soccer. Hell, I hardly acknowledge it's existence.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that soccer is existence but I like it a lot, too.
@11 Really? I'd kinda hoped that was the case.
I thought you killed yourself last week, IA, but I guess this is going to go on for ever.
why did someone mention renegademag cascadian?
three weeks in a row without an I, Anonymous. Mercury staff has really dropped the ball.
Anon, there's so much passion flowing at soccer matches because it is so exciting. I mean what did you witness that day? A 1-0 rout? The ever elusive 1-1 tie?

With hard-hitting action like that, is it any surprise that soccer attracts super hard-ass mofos who can't hold their fury in check?

It's super cool how seriously the TA takes itself. It's like,
"How TA are you?!"
"I'm super TA! I've been to every match for two and half years!"
"Oh yeah, well look at my tattoo!"
"Nothing is more important that soccer!! I'm so mad right now!"
"I'm not totally sure."
I think that IAnon was really looking to post this.

"Hi, I'm a such a stupid cunt that the only thing I could come up with at the USOC match was YSA. I know that you all say that if anyone wants to be TA they already are, and I'm proving it by being such a n00b cunt. YSA might be old and outdated, but so am I, so it shouldn't matter. You're all so lucky to have me here in the first year of MLS, that you don't even realize it yet. I'm a first year season ticket holder, but I half-ass everything, and that should be good enough."
It was my first Timbers game and my first MLS game (even if 'just' a US Open Cup qualifier). I had a great time and Timbers Army people were fantastic and welcoming. This hate over something some of you claim to not care about is very silly.
Good job to the "twat" who told Anon to STFU. She's a hero.

The only chant that could be "outdated" is "You Suck, Asshole." Who ever yelled at Anon did the right thing. This chant is completely unacceptable. As a group, the Timbers Army has been trying to have the chants be positive and civic minded, the kinds that those in the west side stands wouldn't mind hearing their kids chant on the car ride home. Anonymous clearly is not a regular member of the Timbers Army yet his profanity laden chant would reflect on the entire group. Anon can't see the big picture because he's a tourist poser who doesn't see the ramifications of his actions. He's the hooligan here, not the Timbers Army woman who confronted him.

There is one YSA I'd like to chant: You Suck, Anonymous!
Wait, people give a fuck about soccer? WAIT, people give a fuck about SOCCER CHANTS? Um hi, I'm the government collapsing any second.. Pay attention to me? No? Too heavy for you? Need the yell yells and the beer beer and the kick the ball net, yay net? Poo poo?
yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah is right, why aren't you people fixing the government!

Alright yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah, I'm in. What's our next move? We've got to save the world!
Portland has a soccer team?

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