I was suffering from back pain and decided to get a massage. I didn't know the massage therapist I was set up with, and he explained that I should disrobe completely and put the provided "blanket" over myself. I was somewhat shocked to realize that the "blanket" provided was a very thin, sheer material, possibly silk. It revealed my every contour. I was very tense because of my pain, and he eventually used a technique to loosen me up. It actually worked—so much so that the pleasure gave me a boner. Upon seeing this (because he'd put me under a sheer sheet and could see my private parts) he immediately walked out of the room. I understand this technique because I have had two girlfriends who were massage therapists. It is what one does when propositioned for sex. I interrupted him as he walked out and asked what was going on, was the massage over? He muttered "yes." He was playing it out like I did something wrong, but I was so relaxed I barely realized I was hard. Fuck you, old man—you need to provide a thicker blanket. And hey, at least say goodbye.—Anonymous