That`s completely unnecessary. Just think of it like when a friend burns you a game and he doesn`t give you the manual.
I think in an ideal world this is valid but in an ideal world cars wouldn't put out poisonous gasses either. Byrrus needs to understand that it wasn't like the therapist just up and left; instead, he withdrew after an erotically-charged non-verbal conversation had exceeded his comfort level. For good and bad reasons there are masseuses primarily focused on sex and masseuses primarily focused on muscles. Byrrus is at fault for not seeking and obtaining explicit consent when he began to cross the previously-negotiated boundaries implicit to a muscle massager.

I get the feeling that part of Byrrus's journey of sexual discovery is ownership of boners; it's okay for him to be sexually aroused. However like a strictly-parented high schooler at an unchaperoned dance he has mistaken debauchery for freedom. He would do well to consult with a Lutheran priest on the sanctity of human intimacy. Also to recognize a skeeved-out massage therapist is not his overly strict parents and their denial of basic human truths.
Boners are boners. They have meaning and purpose. They can exist, but if aren't an immediate threat, let them be. Unless you'd like a nice tip.
Wait, I'm confused. Is the insinuation that he is "full of shit" imply that he made this whole story up about getting and erection? I'm confused. Thats a weird poll.-whoah! THAT'S WHAT SHE SAAAAAIIIIDDD!!!!!
I was confused too, jfk. But I figured this was a purely hypothetical response to the last week's IA. And since this person has probably never actually dealt with this, uh, issue, it's a pretty safe bet that this is bullshit in every sense of the term.
Didn't your daddy teach you, to avoid confusion you have to tip $100 beforehand if you want the "happy ending".
Pervy clients are always sketchy.

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