Do you know what every shy nerdy boy's biggest fear is when he goes to ask a girl out? That she will think he is the most disgusting human on earth and will taint her with his filth by even thinking about her. We talked a couple times. You were smiley and nice. We weren't at the point where it was comfortable to ask you out, but the school semester was ending and I didn't think I'd see you anymore, so I went for it. Yes, it was awkward because it was through email. But people do that, that's not so bad. And it was a short simple email, totally normal. And your refusal was polite and fair, so that was that. Well, I did end up seeing you around after that. Why do you now glare at me and barely mumble hello? I'm not trying to hit on you anymore. It's nerve wracking, but I don't think it's wrong to ask someone out. So why are you acting like I did something wrong? You're cute—or you were until you started making all my nerd fears come true.—Anonymous