I know that I have VDVAV (Velocity Discapacity Variable Advantage Velocity), which means that I can learn one day very fast, and then not understand a word for two weeks. It`s a rare disease common in the far east, where the guys wear robes and have patience and go like lamp posts mmmmmmmmm for days. Then you have trouble catching up with my learning when it is on the upside part of the curb. No, I don`t like being called "My Little Spock" when am at the speed of light reasoning all that you teach me. Being an acrobat is hard, Please stop being a bitch. "Dunking Donuts" neither is a good nickname when my phase is on the downside. Yes, I wanna learn the trades of the tricks, or the tricks of the trades, but stop taking cute pictures with my hand sign. Is mine. Also, please stop stealing my haircut. Everyone is starting to notice.