Your Jumps and Zen Karate moves are awesome, but since that you left me at the quickie-mart when you went for cigarettes and didn't came back for a week, I had to do em on my own, and injured myself, and others. Nothing serious but the sleep shack of the Mart was really cool and like 5 blocks away from my house and the dogs gave me comfort at night. One for the head (pillow), and like 3 that came in the middle of the night that acted like blankets. I got fleas now. And am still doing tricks, but have bumped my head since, busted down a mandarin talkin` jive hot dog vendor, and a couple of corner speakers. Speakers Corner London style. It`s getting expensive for me too, cuz I have to pay those things, or so they want me to believe. I can`t control my rage and other emotions. Am still at the quickie-mart, I don`t know how to get back home, please come and get me, am in front of the gas station wearing a purple t-shirt, a yellow baseball cap, and the guys at the quickie-mart are starting to refuse to give me free corn-dogs and smoothies for breakfast. Am hungry too. And at night the shack is damp and my allergies are starting to act up. Thank you.