Hey Asscake driving a company car,
I am not an expert on driving a company car, I never have before, but if I had the name of a business in very large letters all over my rig I would try to drive nicely, or at least legally. Every time you cut in front of someone, not let a pedestrian cross in a marked crosswalk, or turn left or right in front of a cyclist or pedestrian; people do actually notice how inconsiderate you are. I always make a mental note to never f'n shop at the place of business of crappy company car drivers. The last incident I saw of mind boggling stupidness was a cable installer truck with 800 numbers on the side passing people in the left refuge lane at 80 mph on I-205. Ummm, do you really think no one sees you? So please, do us all a little favor and think before you drive.