As recently as last year, Colonel Summers' park was an awesome place where Zoobombers and 30-something slackers could play dodgeball til the lights went out at 10:30 and then GO THE FUCK HOME! This year, you dipshit teenagers from KWC crew (or whatever the fuck you illiterates scribble all over the place) get fall down drunk, yell at the top of your lungs til' fucking midnight, and leave your bottles and trash all over our neighborhood park. I realize that after dropping out of high school and giving yourself brain damage with the shitty hooch you fuckos swill that it's probably pretty hard to get a job, but keep in mind that our jobs are what pay for your fucking social services, and we have to be at them at hours you probably didn't even know existed! Stop ruining it for the neighbors, the park rangers, and all the awesome people who use Colonel Summers respectfully. Get out and stay the fuck out.