Vengeance pertains to my terrain,you dumb neighbor.I wont say that I had enough of your shit,cuz I can wait to make you suffer until eternity,but since you called the cops on me 4 times this week because my music is LOUD,I will take action to shut you down and kick you out of our neighborhood.When you do your Jersey Shore filled parties with shitty House music,no one complains.Your actions havent been civil for quite some time,but lucky you,theres some one here to take care of that.The next time I see flyers,pamphlets of your Lord and Savior in my front door,in my mail box,or in the propaganda box,there will be a big inverted cross painted in your door,because I had asked you please to stop doing that,several times.I aint saying it will be me.It just will happen out of providence.I dont want my kids and family to struggle with your beliefs of who has to suffer for eternity and on earth,dictated by some pastor on the other side of the fence of your church.Am tired of all of your Messianic Bullshit.It will end.Sex,Drugs,Alcohol, Alternative Lifestyles will have a strong backup,AND the Power.I will send preachers of my side of the fence over to your Church EVERY Sunday,or in the debates you and your transfigures and re-writers of the Books do on Thursdays.I fucking know.I believe you called it Bible reading but its a dogmatic nonsense Indoctrination,with no choice,your travesty.My congregation WILL pay you a visit,since you have gone this far.Ill see you in hell-The Good Fight-