indentured by debt
buy unpaid wages,
made stupid by law,
castrated by lies.
"we" are not big enough to profit.
"we" are better slaves.
"we" pay "the" government
"they" give it to the salve merchants.

a long hot summer approaches.
hunger awaits
water will be a problem too
food shortages
water shortages
some will die,
some bloodied
"we" grow bold
China waits.

the army deployed
State by State
people camp
with no BBQ
things are calm once again
"they" say
cuz the army guys
are here to stay.
votes can't be trusted to the uninformed.
god bless our leaders.
and the help they got
from their good friend

who will know what "freedom" was in 20 years?
or who "WE" were?
slaves, who will not care.
like in China.

gmk 2011