I, Anonymous Jun 23, 2011 at 4:00 am

Potty Mouth


AWESOME. I want more confessions of completely insane and inappropriate behavior in I, Anonymous.
Good I, anon, except for the cheap pun at the end. You're better than that.
I know this story is about as real as a Penthouse Forum letter, but I like it anyway. I like it a lot.
Your ex husband appears to have made the right move.
LOL, so funny!! Good one this week :) (don't be hating, you know you laughed at least a little bit!)
Shit man, at least I laughed. Far more than I can say about most of these.
Wow, what a foul disgusting cunt you must be! I won't call it "karma", since there's no such thing. But life certainly seems to be kicking you in the crotch. Wonder why, hmm? Yeah, the ex-hubby definately made the right move. Way to go, bro!
Fabulous. I hope the mental images of your "ex sweetening up before a romp, or his new betty gargling after a cocktail party" keep you warm and toasty at night. And don't worry about the karma ... God just loves stuff like this.
"I had to go to my house to collect some of my belongings."

You go into a man's bedroom, you get what you get.

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