It's an incredible feeling to be a part of a local company that is thriving, and to be proud of the work and feel as if you have been helping the company's reputation and business grow.Well I no longer feel like the company deserves any business because of what they're doing to both it's consumers and employers.
Well, where do you turn when the "whistle blowing" is soon impossible to avoid or ignore? What I had thought was a respectable local company, has skewed my idea of promoting or backing just any Portland company.
There is a hummus company based in PDX that needs some sort of "Big Brother"eyes looking over them. Food sanitation issues presented them selves just to be ignored by the owners and the pockets they keep. Serious concerns, such as foreign objects and "No Zone" concerns. Misleading, and often knowingly incorrect "sell by" dates!!!
Employees were asked to turn their heads to a few of the early inconveniences with-in the production of the hummus. That then ballooned into the machine that had your morals, ethics, and conscious ripped from your soul.
After inquiring as to what we would do about the the chaos, I realized I had opened a can of worms.They wanted me gone! . SERIOUSLY....You can't sell food with foreign objects such as rocks and twigs. I don't wish the company to fail, but to suffer the consequences of their DISHONEST, fucked up operation. The people need to know. If your hummus containers LABELS looks questionable,RECONSIDER!