I am getting a little bit tired of having to weave and doge people with their heads down gazing at a screen that connects them to another world; a virtual one. But what happened to the world in which we all live and share, not facebook share, the one in which we really share with each other.It seems that most people are more concerned with the virtual world rather than the actual world that surrounds them. On any given day, I probably almost walk into 10 people while they are engaging in some obviously gigantically immensely important thing that can not wait until they come to their destination. I have even seen a bicyclist almost get hit by a car, while the cyclist was on the phone, then proceed to yell at the car for almost hitting them when I witnessed the bicyclist had been busy on their own phone just seconds before. When I see a person on their cell phone whether it be walking, driving or bicycling; I act as if that person is a grizzly bear that could kill me at any given second, so I do not take my eyes off that person until safety has been reached. Shit is scary man!The most common reply I get when I ask “Why?” to those who are glued to their phones is… business. If cell phones make us more available for business and a more productive society, then why all the problems with our economy? Shouldn’t we be a little more ahead? Save the excuses, just hang up and live.