If you've lost your needle it was found in my right fucking foot on fucking Tuesday night while taking out the garbage. If you would like to claim your needle it's in southeast Portland and I would love to meet you so I can return it to you you selfish, careless, dumb FUCK. I don't care if you're homeless, proper disposal of your filthy, fucking needles is not difficult, well maybe it is when you're in heroin haze, I wouldn't know but when you decide to drop a needle on the ground no less than five feet from a DUMPSTER, (which would still be the wrong place to put it) I have no sympathy for you or your disability. I'll make sure to spit on the junkies who are always shooting up on the Burnside Bridge just for you and I hope you're among them when I do. Now I have to spend the next six months getting my blood tested and be poked and prodded with more needles even though I'm STD free, have been with the same partner for over a year and have never used fucking needles. I don't deserve this and neither does my partner, you STUPID JUNKIE FUCK, I hope you overdose, seriously. On the off chance you were just a lazy diabetic who dropped an insulin needle, I hope your feet become gangrenous and have to be chopped off. FUCKER!