dude,girl,youre such a drag.Somehow youve got in my pdf. boxie thing some years ago by some ip searcher and connecter men,whats that all about.Like,u know,for a while I didnt mind it,but ive told u to stop it.Weve meet in a recuperation from tree huggers addiction group,then we like never spoke again for like 15 years.Man,and like,you know,now I see you at my naked yoga clases,at my skip a stone in the river competitions, & at like up in my tree or something.Whats that all about men,what a drag.You read my pdfs which I write and send to my publishing company,fuckin` dickheads,and they send me back the corrections or what ever man,you access to that some how.You came to my skip a stone in the river competition like you didnt care,and started talking to all of my friends, & fucking things up, and like wearing a wig, and talking to me like am a mouse. You must me so high, am mortal men,I dont have 9 lives like your soul men lady.Its like fucking fightclub, but u gotthewrong guy,that aint me,I grew up in d streets,get outta my activities I do with my friends.If my publishing company "finds out"u have been reading our things, they will like blow up,its a fucking drop of blood in infested shark waters,its a big fucking money wielding Company and all that scary branded shit,realize and do what u have to do before the publishing company goes bat-crazy over this.All of the above and more has happen.Erm,am gonna watch"Lost in Space"again, am super nice n cool, but dont abuse girl,bye.