This is for the wanna be 'hep cat' daddy at the Woodstock library on Tuesday the 23rd. A self absorbed douche with $350 glasses frames, $140 boat shoes, $95 'broken in' jeans and badly sculpted facial pubes who planted himself squarely in the middle of the DVD section and proceeded to slloooowwwlly scan the titles and pull out every third one. Woodstock is one branch that has the room to spine out the DVD's. You can see the titles! Do you really need to pull out Blade II to check it out? No, it's not a remake of the Three Musketeers. Hell you were old enough to have seen the one with Oliver Reed from '74 in the theatre. But what was really crass was when asked to move over a bit you looked me up and down and declared " I'm not finished yet". Well peel them peepers pops cause we've all got places to be. You wouldn't even turn your body at an angle to allow someone else to view the PUBLIC LIBRARY'S selection. Don't worry I won't be after that Tarkovsky film on the Criterion Collection label cause I've already seen it dickweed.