While I`ve held a craftsmanship job for over 40 years, one across as this one has never ended up in my shop. A Clark Nova with the Tombstone Keys. I mean, I`ve held for repairment and optimization a lot of classic typewriters, have found traces of what other repairmen have done to the machine, but this one in particular came with the most obvious of problems. When used. The P typebar was changed, maybe intentionally or not, with a B typebar. Good Goodness, why would someone do something like that. So I imagined all the words that couldn`t be written while pounding on these precious machinery artifacts. For instance: "Pull" would become "Bull". "Pun", "Bun", "Pacemaker", "Bacemaker". So I changed the typebar to a old fix I had of the same brand and type and model and year, and placed in it the B it should have in it. The owner came in, and was kinda surprised about it, but he told me I could have done better. I told him those machines are Diabolical, that they start talking to you while you write, and dictate you what you must write. He laughed wholeheartedly, and told me I should get a real job. In the way out, I told him: "Don`t let the door hit your ass in your way out, there are more than a 1080 combinations these machines quirks come with, revise all your letterers". He looked back at me with a haunted face. I got payed, took some pictures, and got that out of the way. I`d like to see that guys clever asses ways while working on one of these.