When you were walking out of the Portland Poetry Slam I assumed you were coming back. I assumed I would be able to follow up my witty comment regarding your performance. Alas, the retort expired as swiftly as the wit; neither were meant to be. Contrary to my actions, I am not a walking dildo. I should have said something nice, I should have complimented you work (particularly when you opened up for Jeff Tweedy on his solo tour featured in the Wilco Documentary or Sadaam Hussein), I should have offered to buy you a drink, we could have talked about punk rock, i should have offered you a joint and talked about comedy. You see, Mr. Armisen, I assumed you were too cool for me and I thought my detached comment would somehow provide dual acknowledgement while maintaining a safe distance from connection and community. In that way, you represent quite a few denizens of our fair city I have tossed off in similar misdirected ways; leaving with a lousy comment expecting a follow up when it could have been a positive experience. I hope you all except my apology..