I am a prostitute. I started when I was 20. I am 36 now. I did an unthinkable thing to one (well, two) of my clients. While on a third "date" with a wealthy, very attentive, kind man, I said the following, "I really like you. It's strange how much you remind me of another client named _____. Do you know him? I think you are in the same field." As soon as this gem popped out of my mouth, I knew I would never see either client again. I have no idea where this self-sabotaging comment came from. I am sorry that I broke the number one rule in dating for money: complete trust in confidentially. I am really sorry about losing those clients. It's really not that easy to find clients that treat you exceptionally well in this field. Some slip condoms off in the middle of the deed. Some want to write checks (for half of what I ask). Some clients want completely weird things like pressing my boobs flat with their feet. I totally blew it with two reasonable guys who just wanted to take me out to dinner and have me-on-top sex (with a condom). Valuable lesson, and one I won't repeat.—Anonymous