It's really cool that despite the shit-state of our economy, you're still raking in the cash. It's also truly impressive that you've managed to buy up a staggering portion of the residential Hollywood district. Having every resident in the area worried about spontaneous eviction must greatly please you. And since you're a bunch of flaming dickheads, it must also bring you great joy to be in a constant state of huge construction projects for over TWO FUCKING YEARS on one of the busiest commuter streets in Northeast Portland. Thanks for not only making both vehicle and pedestrian traffic hazardous and annoying, but also for treating everyone in a 20-block radius to your infuriatingly loud and obnoxious construction noise beginning at 6 AM every day, for the last 24 months. Seriously, what fucking piece of machinery needs to make eardrum crushing BEEEEEP noises for six straight hours? Why do I need to hear it from a half mile away? Surprise, not everybody is awake that early and not everybody is capable of sustaining that kind of noise without going batshit crazy. I'm going to follow you fuckers home one night, park outside your house, wait till you fall asleep, then lay on my horn for a few hours. All of your neighbors fucking hate you. Please die.