You know, you are a pretty awesome person. You are fun, sweet, interesting, and I love the way you dress. It's so cool that you're artistic and that you mutually inspire each other. Because of that, now you are in my house constantly. When I don't hear you or see you, I have to hear about you. You sound like elmo after one am, and your loud giggles and shrieks make me want to pull out your hair so I can shove it down your windpipe. Your awesome shit is spread all over my house, and I am about to lose mine. You don't even live with anyone, so take your asses to your place, because I'm not fucking you, I'm not being paid to work with you, you aren't paying rent to welcome the space invasion, and you aren't my friend, so get some manners and go home once and a while. Oh, and roommate, who I dearly love, I take care of my animal and am sensitive to your space with it. NOW TAKE THE FUCK CARE OF YOURS.