Does anyone in Portland DVR NASCAR? I really need to redeem my soul from Mike Daisey's 24 ego trip. Watching him make people think he's important for the short amount of time I watched was terrible. Yeah, it must have been so hard to stay up all night getting a figurative blowjob from the entire Portland art scene. All I could think about were the evangelical preachers and crazy street talkers who talk for hours and hours and honestly don't care that people don't listen. Daisey was so full of his own shit: "I wish I could have told you a different story." He said that in the last hour and you know what? That's the most bullshit thing anyone's ever said. You know why? Because he fucking could have. He could have read the fucking phone book and 400 heads would have bobbed up and down, up and down, lips dripping with saliva, and said, with their mouths full of Daisey's metaphorical cock, "yes, this is art." I would rather have watched a car, or twenty, drive around in circles.