I, Anonymous Sep 29, 2011 at 4:00 am

Ladies and Gentlemen


Really? This is the I, Anon you chose to print this week? Not "From the Nanny" or "You're Not So Foxy"? I guess the purpose of the I, Anonymous Blog is to show us how bad your editor's choices are. Next week do better. Next week run "Gum-Job."
This is the limpest I Anon of all time. Did the editor get a freaking lobotomy?
Did the editor have a freaking lobotomy? This is the limpest I, Anon pick. And wake up, Brainiac....you are at a gym. Did you expect to hear people discussing Dostoyevesky or NASA's upper atmosphere research satellite? Muscle is inversely proportional to Brainpower.
this is terrible

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