What the fuck is wrong with you? when you where small your parents placed you in front of some magnates house, rang the bell, and ran out laughing? Then you found a Job a lÀ Little Annette shinning shoes for the upper class and then is when you found out deep down that you couldn't even make ice-creams for the creatively engaged prolific natured gifted artists. Then you went out and did a couple of slut jobs for the wholehearted elevated highly venerable wealthy to snort coke from your ass and then you did find god, in a bung hole. While writing to your parents "am doing more than fine with my new nursery books sales, am growing potentially." There is when the boat overturned, and all the meth, speed, angel-satanic dust entered all of your orifices and you did grew up, 12 inches, to become for a couple of years Skeletor, bitch version. To fight by yourself, the evil, ivil, new roman empire. Fight those baby eating, blood drinking, TV worshipers ivil ivil men. Then you met stinkor, ninjor, and megator, and decided to over throw the bombastic, yet Sinister Ruledoom of Neelixes Empire of Humanness Killing Food, 3 minutes after you eat it, food carts. So far I got it right. Then came your last scream for GET A CLUE. You screamed: THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDER CATS, HOOOOOOO.