Here are some things we should discuss before moving forward:

I will often get angry when being forced to hold your hand and walk you through an argument, at which point I may stop discussing and hurl outright insults at you. If at any point I use a paradigm, psychoanalytic, or phenomenological approach to unravel and discover parts of your personality to expose something I find interesting and you find it unsettling- stop contributing; I will not continue an experiment without you. If you find that I am somehow getting in your head and you feel freaked out then stop contributing, I will also stop. If at any point you take me too serious and feel depressed or want to hurt yourself, please for God’s sake just stop. You are probably a decent person that is just in over their head and wanting to save face, I get it but I will not be responsible for your sadomasochism or any result thereof. So be warned, I find stupidity appalling and will seek to turn it in upon itself whenever the opportunity presents itself.