Me: driving home after work. You: tried to change lanes with out signaling. Me: didn't let you. We: got next to eachother at the light. You: said "what the fuck is your problem". Me: flipped you off. You: Gunned it, cut in front of me. Hopped out of your car & came over to open my car door. Me: Reached my kitchen knife. You: went in your trunk to grab a baseball bat. Me: put car in gear. You: threatened with bat, kicked front of car. Me: said "what the fuck is your problem". You: told me I was "a poor piece a shit. I would never earn $50.000 much less own a $50,000 automobile." Me: grabbed insurance card. You: continued to berate me. Me; rammed your $50,000 car. You: made noises like a dying chicken. Me; offered you my insurance information. You: jumped in car & drove off sideways. Me: caught up to you moments later in traffic & thanked you. It made my day.