Hello super super super SUPER old ladies who work in the office at my high school. Maybe you should all get together and make a quilt depicting how much you hate kids these days. Maybe if you hate teenagers so much you shouldn't work at a freaking high school! Furthermore, I really really don't appreciate it when you patronize me: "Honey, picture day? You should know when picture day is." Well if I knew when picture day was then I wouldn't be asking you, would I? I can tell you're getting a kick out of being super bitchy to all the students and then sucking up to every adult you've ever met ever. Maybe one day I should get an ugly haircut and wear tacky jewelry and you'll mistake me for a fellow office lady! Maybe one day you'll sigh so hard that you'll release all the air from your body and collapse. Maybe I'll call 911 for you, but I probably won't because you're one of those small people who just loves having power and holding it over everyone's head. Well ladies, I have news for you: You aren't the president and you aren't a CEO and you're not even a vice principal. You're a bitter old secretary and I don't think the small amount of power you DO have is scaring anyone--Anonymous