Remember how the protesters promised to be out of the parks that first weekend of the marathon? [Actually, they didn't promise that... but let's not stop this guy, he's on a roll.—Editors] It makes me sick that Sam Adams caved into special interest once again then left town. [It was a business trip... to attract jobs to the city and a cultural exchange mission... but again, this guy is on a roll!—Editors] The cost so far to the city...over two hundred thousand dollars in police overtime and damages to the park [Actually, at last report it's $186,400—but that's the closest thing to the truth this person has said so far—Editors]. Do these shitbags care? I'm offended to be lumped in to this moronic 99 percent, leave me out of it assholes, I don't agree with you or your right to peacefully protest. It's funny to watch these idiots steal from each other, get busted for drugs(wow what a shock!) destroy property, have their hippie sit ins. The point is its not peaceful! Last night as these selfish pricks held up traffic and disobeyed the law again, one guy pushed a cop into a moving bus. Hopefully he rots in jail. The cops need to bring out the tasers and hoses and clear these shitbags out of downtown. It's my city too, and your all ruining it because the majority of you are too proud to take a menial job that will actually pay your bills. You lazy fucks! If you got a month to sleep in a tent and break the law each day, you got time to find a job sloth! We are not behind you, we are ashamed and pissed off at all of you. Get off the drugs, take a shower, and get a fucking job you liberal shits!