You're hiring? In this economy, good for you! How about digging out an ounce consideration from your busy, important day for those of us applying? Maybe you don't have a clue how it works out here these days: nobody's got a single rÉsumÉ they pass out willy-nilly. We take quality time to carefully tailor it AND craft a unique cover letter to each job so our experience is relevant for you. Insisting we fill out an "application" to recreate the wheel for you is unreasonable, extra work for us, adding sometimes more than an hour: consider that of the hundreds who will apply, only a dozen will even be selected for interviews. You've just created hundreds of hours of meaningless work for the unemployed who are supremely taxed as it is. If you can't quickly find merit in a rÉsumÉ, that's a sign they're not for you! Easy.

And for those who don't make the cut? It's utter bullshit in this online era to claim "due to the large number of applicants" as an excuse for not closing the loop: build a fuckin' email list and let us know. That's how you return the professionalism with which we reached out to you.