I'm so sick of seeing your misbehaving crotch droppings all over Portland. Their screaming, whining, kicking seats, breaking things in shops. Keep the little bastards in your house you awful parents. And shut the fucking kids up in public.

To top it off, when you breed above replacement population you're doing damage to the environment, contributing to damage that only us blessed Americans can do. All to fulfill your vain need to pass on your awful genes.

And you on the fucking bus, if you can't be nice to the too late to abort little asshole you're with, WHY DID YOU BREED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

At the very least, if you can't put a condom on it or take some fucking Yaz, at least keep them in the play pen that is McMenamin's and the shitty hole that is Walmart and leave the rest of us environmentally responsible people in peace. Fuck you.