I hope you lose the state senate race, badly. Retriever Towing is the smell of athlete's foot in the gym showers, the mucus in a cold, the mildew growing in old buildings, dick cancer, the Parvo virus of the dog world and feline AIDS all rolled into one.

You are parasites. In recent history you towed cars that belonged to customers of the business you were preying on, towed an abuse victim's car while she called the police and recently towed the car of someone WITH A FUCKING PERMIT because the expiration date was slightly obscured.

Every time I see one of your face shitting mongrel employees they're whipping around corners, towing cars where someone is just walking out of a store. I hope you, Gary Coe and all of your employees get towed by another competing company and they show you some compassion. To shame your sorry fucking sadistic asses into maybe behaving like reasonable human beings.

I guess you're not all bad though, I mean obviously you employ convicts and sociopaths.

In short, I hope your campaign is humiliating and the ultimate in political failures. I hope photos of you dressed like a pony girl surface. I hope you catch TB from one of your intern slaves. I hope you get angry and someone demands 20 dollars. And I hope that person pushes you into the river when you tell them to claim personal responsibility.