Thank you for your “kind words” earlier. You must have noticed my U of O hat as we crossed on the street. It took me a minute to understand that you were yelling DIRECTLY AT me that you hate me as well as Oregon, the Ducks, Nike, the weather, Oregonians, sports and especially me for some reason. Your profanity, verbal threats and “thoughtful comments” were too funny. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and could not say much more than have a nice day. You see, I work in marketing and PR a large financial institution and people like you make my job so easy. Keep destroying OWS public sympathy. I wonder how many people you have turned away from the legitimate plight of the American working class. Enjoy the Police batons and freezing temperatures tonight, I know I will.

PS If you survive the winter go back to California.

-Former OWS Sympathizer