God Jesus you were a miserable old fuck. Leaving two little boys on the street because they didn't have a penny for their bus fare. I get it, the mass of broseph/ines that got on at Peacock lane were 1. obviously shitfaced 2. pumped full of the Christmas spirit until it was dribbling down their legs.

Yes it was annoying but did you really have to stop the bus and yell at them like the nest haired driver on South Park?

I'd wish your balls would shrivel up and fall off but honestly, they probably already have. May your retirement be full of bed bugs and drool. No doubt any children you may have accidentally conceived in a drunken fondle with a women with serious masochistic tendencies hate you so you have Christmas alone every year. So at least I don't have to wish you a miserable fucking Christmas.

Oh and my NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC coffee cup that you were so concerned about? (Because honestly, rowdy drunks carry mugs that have National Geographic printed on them) It did have hot chocolate in it.

With peppermint schnapps :)

(PS, if you hate driving a bus that much, quit and give the job to one of the bazillion unemployed in Oregon. Jesus Fuck.)