As I walk down the street, minding my own minority business, I sometimes get frightened that I am going to be attacked by a white person. I like to walk to and fro, and when I feel the "presence" of a white person behind me, be it man or woman, I get a little nervous. I really don't know why your race cannot respect the fact that my race has been through hell in this dear country of ours. And I don't have to say which race is responsible for this hellish journey in which my brothers and sisters have traversed. So, have a little respect and when you find yourself walking, not just behind, but NEAR a person of color, move across the street and give us some room. Plenty of room makes me feel safe and allows me to enjoy my walk. White man or woman: move over when you see us coming, out of respect for what we've been through. Thanks a bunch!

[Editor's Note: The above post is in reference to "Attention Men" (in which the writer, a woman, asks men to not follow her so closely at night) and is a terrible, misogynistic, and probably racist attempt to compare the plight of minorities to a fairly benign request to consider other people's feelings. This submission was accepted and posted as an example of something that could have easily been said (and ridiculed) in the comments, and of stupid people in general. Speaking of which, what follows is an I, Anonymous poll on the subject.]