My resolution for 2012? Stay the fuck away from you people. The men here are whining entitled little nice guys who think they're above creepiness, all the while hinting at "she deserved it."

The writers are so desperate they try and portray Portland's "fashion" scene as interesting. Or the music scene is at all good. When really you're just pandering to a bunch of self indulgent little pricks still bent on being the next Smiths. THE BUS LEFT THE STATION 30 YEARS GO. But the commenters can only come up with tired hipster references.


And the editor. Oh boy the editor. A 12 year old boy who approves bullshit like some Seattle-ite coming to Portland to lol at our strip bars.

And you anonymous, you. Bitching about tri-met? Non smokers? Dan Savage for ignoring your straight people problems? OR HOW ABOUT THAT FUCKING TWIX POST?

People who wear too much perfume? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Jesus Fucking Christ.

Dare I say it, that pretentious little public school boy Matt Davis actually added some content to this shit fest. But alas, Portland is so bereft of any journalism I'll probably toddle back after 3 months of not reading this garbage. And another resolution failed before it even began.

Merry Christmas you assholes! May the new year bring you all hipster herpes. (Even the CAPTCHA here is bullshit, anime?!)