Dear very kind person who called the police when they thought I was going to jump off the interstate overpass: That was nice of you. And I never want to deter you or anyone from making that phone call if you think someone is going to jump, or cut, or shoot, or swallow their way into the next life, BUT, for you and all of my neighbors who see me on that bridge most mornings, I feel I need to explain myself. I was raised in the mountains where I could watch the comings and goings of the day from hearty boulders along cliff faces. I became an addict for sunrises. I NEED them, and unfortunately there are very few places to watch them nearby. In addition to providing a great vantage point for inhaling clouds of interstate smog, that overpass is the only place nearby that I can get a view of the sun coming up. So, thank you again. I am glad to see people checking in on others in the city, but I just hope I'm not the only one noticing the incredible hues of blue and gold just beyond the semis.—Anonymous