To my sister by marriage, I want to thank you for ruining a family gathering during the holidays. We all really enjoyed your ill behaved kids, especially the one toddler who screamed the moment he arrived until hours later when you left. As a family, we never get to see one another so I am pissed that our holiday dinner was ruined by your fucking child that you couldn't contain with your granola hippie holistic Montessori bullshit of treating them like adults. Thanks a lot. I can still hear his annoying screaming ringing in my ears, as there wasn't a safe place in the house to go because not only did his voice carry, but no matter where anyone went to 'duck for cover' you brought it upon yourself to follow with that fucking kid still screaming, infesting what could have been a quiet space. Thanks again for making a holiday memorable for the wrong reasons. Next time he throws a fit, why not make the polite move and fucking leave? Were the expressions on every adults face expressions of joy that day? Are you that fucking blind? No one wants their holidays ruined by inept parents and their obnoxious offspring. Kids need discipline, and yours are NO exception!!