There are so many fucking things to say about this show. How it's not funny (JFC someone from SNL, really? We couldn't have someone actually funny doing the sketches. Also, SLEATER KINNEY? WHAT IN THE FUCK?)

But the very worst thing about it, where the fuck is the rest of Portland? No, I'm not talking about you non-hipster white people, I'm talking about the assloads of PoC that live here.

While I get that doing a sketch containing PoC might get them accused of the racism, then why do they still white wash the city? Grimm has PoC well represented. Why doesn't Portlandia? Even the extras are white as the newly fallen snow.

They've essentially erased an entire portion of the population. And before lolz black people don't live here in the comments, think about it. Jesus.

So fuck you Portlandia for being the usual tired Portland bullshit "look at how white it is!!!"